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174 u studietijd

Aanbieding 1 met studiegidsnummer 4015735ENR voor alle studenten in het 1e en 2e semester met een verdiepend master niveau.

1e en 2e semester
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Faculteit Sociale Wetensch & SolvayBusinessSchool
Verantwoordelijke vakgroep
Business Technology and Operations
Thomas Crispeels (titularis)
Onderdelen en contacturen
24 contacturen Werkcolleges, practica en oefeningen
150 contacturen Zelfstudie en externe werkvormen

In this course, students will contribute to a concrete 'technological business development project', often emanating from the research labs of the university, and will ideally work in interdisciplinary groups of two to five students. The researchers of these labs are then involved in the coaching of the students. Students can submit their own business development projects. In the beginning of the first semester we will hold a matchmaking event between students and projects.

The work that students will perform depends on the project: opportunity studies, market- and competitive analysis, financial and costing analysis, writing parts of business plan etc. The exact scope of each project is defined in collaboration with the relevant research group and the educational team in the beginning of the first semester.

We implement a structured process to coach the students, including regular plenary sessions (interim sessions) where the different groups present their advances to their colleagues. By the end of the course, the students present a final report to the coaching group.

Digitaal cursusmateriaal (Vereist) : BD Toolkit (slide decks) and video clips
Praktisch cursusmateriaal (Vereist) : Project information, provided by the research teams
Bijkomende info

Important: the course is only accessible after agreement by the course titular so we can make sure that all students involved possess prior knowledge in the domain of business and entrepreneurship. Students enrolled in the business engineering programs of VUB comply by default.

This course is part of the EUTOPIA Learning Community on 'Technological Business Development'. A such, students from the EUTOPIA universities can join the course. 

Teaching Methods

Lecture: collective contact-dependent moments during which the lecturer engages with learning materials
- Seminar, Exercises or Practicals (Practical): collective or individual contact-dependent moments during which the students are guided to actively engage with learning materials
- Independent or External Form of Study (Self): independent study

This description of the teaching methods is indicative, in order to assess the expected study load.

Practical: 24 hours (4 plenary sessions per semester, 3 hours per session)

Self: 150 hours

  • preparation of plenary sessions, incl. reporting and interim meetings with project managers from technological departments, amounting to 3 hours per hour practical: 78 hours (24 x 3 hours)
  • preparation and execution of research activities: 64 hours (8 days of 8 hours)
  • preparation exam (presentation of results): 8 hours (1 day)

Algemene competenties

This course teaches the student to:

  • provide an independent contribution to the preparation or development of a business strategy. He/she can analyze a problem critically, not blindly applying existing recipes.
  • integrate his/her technological and IT insights into the managerial and functional domains of an enterprise (marketing, human resources, finance...)
  • be able to adequately present verbally and in writing his/her findings and translate these into implications for the business 
  • be able to start up an enterprise individually or in team
  • anticipate on changes in the business environment and in the company structure and can formulate if needed proposed solutions
  • be able to clarify the nature of business problems to colleagues and stimulate them to think along and to formulate solutions
  • communicate well with all departments of the enterprise, especially with those in charge of technological decisions, so that he/she can make decisions with sufficient knowledge


De beoordeling bestaat uit volgende opdrachtcategorieën:
Examen Praktijk bepaalt 70% van het eindcijfer

Examen Andere bepaalt 30% van het eindcijfer

Binnen de categorie Examen Praktijk dient men volgende opdrachten af te werken:

  • Eindverslag & Presentatie met een wegingsfactor 70 en aldus 70% van het totale eindcijfer.

    Toelichting: Praktische regeling afgesproken met studenten

Binnen de categorie Examen Andere dient men volgende opdrachten af te werken:

  • Permanente Evaluatie met een wegingsfactor 30 en aldus 30% van het totale eindcijfer.

    Toelichting: Permanente evaluatie door het onderwijsteam, parameters worden duidelijk gecommuniceerd aan het begin van de cursus

Aanvullende info mbt evaluatie

Students are judged on the quality of their activities during the year, on their final report and the presentation of this final report.

Interim sessions are mandatory.

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Academische context

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