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Offer 2 with catalog number 8016527GNR for all students in the 1st semester at a (G) Postgraduate - preliminary level.

1st semester
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15 contact hours Lecture
30 contact hours Independent or External Form of Study
Course Content

Introduction to Supply Management (concepts & jargon)

Reality check & framework for sourcing

Identification commodities & sourcing strategy

  • Spend Analysis
  • ABC Analysis / Pareto
  • Portfolio analyse: Kraljic matrix
  • Mirroring & Commodity plan
  • Opportunity matrix


  • Methodology
  • Process step by step
  • Implementation LCCS Strategy

LCCS with China flavour

Additional info

Complementary study material

Managing Global Supply and Risk: Best Practices, Concepts, and Strategies

Robert J. Trent, Llewellyn R. Roberts

September 22, 2009

Learning Outcomes

Algemene competenties

It’s a frequent mistake to assume that sourcing is a piece of cake. Since the huge number of suppliers and their strong ambition to export, the cliché of sourcing’s easiness is strongly nurtured. However, the truth is completely different, causing serious problems for purchasing managers: wrong deliveries, deliveries out of time, lack of quality, disappearing suppliers… just to mention a few.


Graduates of this course will have a good understanding of all sourcing aspects, helping them to prevent problems:


-          Preparing for purchasing (internal organisation, planning…)

-          Cooperation with foreign suppliers (selection of suppliers, exercising control on the suppliers)

-          How to deal with the sourcing risks?

-          Hidden costs and defining the real cost of sourcing

-          Logistics and marketing issues

-          Negotiating issues

-          Contract management

-          Due diligence

-          …


As China tops the list of favourite countries for sourcing and purchasing, the necessary attention will be paid to this country of origin.


The final grade is composed based on the following categories:
Written Exam determines 100% of the final mark.

Within the Written Exam category, the following assignments need to be completed:

  • Written Exam with a relative weight of 100 which comprises 100% of the final mark.

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Written exam

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Academic context

This offer is part of the following study plans:
Postgraduate Certificate International Trade and Investment: Standaard traject
Postgraduate Certificate Flagship Programme in Economic Diplomacy and International Business: Standaard traject