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Aanbieding 1 met studiegidsnummer 4020411ENW voor werkstudenten in het 2e semester met een verdiepend master niveau.

2e semester
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To be able to enroll as a student of the Master of Management programme for 'Supply Chain Management ' it is necessary to have succesfully passed for 'Introduction to IT and Operations Management' and 'Quantitative Methods for Business' or at least you need to be enrolled for 'Introduction to IT and Operations Management' and 'Quantitative Methods for Business'. There are no pre- or corequisites for the Master in Business and Technology students and the students of the Master of Management Science.
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Faculteit Sociale Wetensch & SolvayBusinessSchool
Verantwoordelijke vakgroep
Business Technology and Operations
Johan Devos
Koen Mommens (titularis)
Tom Vermeiren
Soukaina Bayri
Onderdelen en contacturen
24 contacturen Hoorcollege
12 contacturen Werkcolleges, practica en oefeningen
114 contacturen Zelfstudie en externe werkvormen

In this course the different aspects of a supply chain are introduced. Every lecture focuses on another part of the supply chain. The covered topics are: supply chain strategy, demand forecasting, inventory management, sales and operations planning, sourcing and procurement, network design, manufacturing and process improvement, warehousing, sustainable transport and urban distribution. The lectures consist of a theoretical introduction to one of these concepts, followed by a guest speaker illustrating how this concept is applied in practice. Furthermore, exercise sessions (some in a game format) and interactive workshops will be organised.

Digitaal cursusmateriaal (Vereist) : Handouts, papers and supplementary course material, Canvas
Digitaal cursusmateriaal (Vereist) : Exercises and supplementary exercise material, Canvas
Handboek (Aanbevolen) : Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management, Cecil B. Bozarth - Robert B. Handfield, 5de, Pearson, 9781292291581, 2019
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The exercises (workshops) might be given on a Saturday morning

Teaching Methods
- Lecture: collective contact-dependent moments during which the lecturer engages with learning materials
- Seminar, Exercises or Practicals (Practical): collective or individual contact-dependent moments during which the students are guided to actively engage with learning materials
- Independent or External Form of Study (Self): independent study

This description of the teaching methods is indicative, in order to assess the expected study load.

Lecture: 24 hours (8 x 3 hours)

  • Includes theory sessions and guest lectures

Practical: 12 hours (4 x 3 hours)

  • 4 exercise sessions or interactive workshops

Self: 114 hours

  • Reading and studying the course material and papers during the semester:
    • 4.5 hours per lecture: 36 hours
    • 4.5 hours per exercise session or workshop: 18 hours
  • Solving preparatory exam questions: 12 hours
  • Preparing the exam: 48 hours

General Competences

After following this course, students should be able to understand the different parts of the supply chain and explain how they interact with each other. Students can define all fundamental concepts of supply chain management and can make strategical, tactical and operational decisions in this domain. Students can solve realistic problems related to the topics covered during this course, using the tools and models taught. Furthermore, the guest lectures will provide students with insights in the practical implementation of the theory and how a supply chain works in real life. Students should be able to identify the relevant actions to deal with a real-life problem in a supply chain. They should also have insight in how particular concepts are influencing the sustainability of the supply chain.


De beoordeling bestaat uit volgende opdrachtcategorieën:
Examen Schriftelijk bepaalt 100% van het eindcijfer

Binnen de categorie Examen Schriftelijk dient men volgende opdrachten af te werken:

  • Written Exam met een wegingsfactor 100 en aldus 100% van het totale eindcijfer.

    Toelichting: Written closed-book exam which covers the content discussed during the lectures, workshops, exercise sessions and guest lectures. The exam may consist of multiple choice questions, open questions and exercises. Marks on multiple choice questions will be corrected for guessing.

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(!) In accordance with the supplementary faculty regulations to article 8§3 of the Teaching and Examination Regulations, the examination in the first examination session for master students in Management only takes place in the additional examination block, organized in the two weeks following the spring break. For all other students the examination in the first examination session takes place in the second examination period as stipulated in the academic calendar.

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Academische context

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