3 ECTS credits
75 h study time

Offer 1 with catalog number 8020252GER for all students in the 1st semester at a (G) Postgraduate - preliminary level.

1st semester
Enrollment based on exam contract
Grading method
Pass/Non pass
Can retake in second session
Taught in
Faculty of Economic & Social Sciences & Solvay BS
ES Academische eenheid
Educational team
Decaan ES (course titular)
Activities and contact hours
30 contact hours Lecture
Course Content

This course foresees workshops dealing with:

  • EU Subsidies for Enterprises
  • Expat preparation: Individual Taxation, Social Security
  • Market Studies & Export Planning
  • Attraction, Conversion and Retention of FDI
  • Competition Law and Trade Secret Protection
  • Corporate Diplomacy
  • Ethics in International Business and Diplomacy
Course material
Course text (Recommended) : Thematic Workshops for Diplomacy and International Business
Additional info

Syllabus and course material presented by the lecturers.

Learning Outcomes

General competences

Diplomats and the business people they serve need to master some practical knowledge related to international business development.

By the end of the course, students will have a sound understanding of:

  • What are the various EU subsidies companies can apply for?
  • In case of expatriation: how about the expat’s individual taxation and social security? How is this arranged at HR level? Also the important aspect of Duty of Care will be treated.
  • Drafting market studies (industry or sectorial reports)
  • Setting up an export planning
  • The ideal strategy to attract, converse and retain FDI
  • Strategies to protect business and trade secrets
  • What is corporate diplomacy; how can companies make at best use of diplomacy?


The final grade is composed based on the following categories:
Other Exam determines 100% of the final mark.

Within the Other Exam category, the following assignments need to be completed:

  • Attendance and Participation with a relative weight of 100 which comprises 100% of the final mark.

Additional info regarding evaluation

There is no graded exam, students will be awarded a pass or fail based on attendance and participation. Students who do not attend cannot pass this course.

Allowed unsatisfactory mark
The supplementary Teaching and Examination Regulations of your faculty stipulate whether an allowed unsatisfactory mark for this programme unit is permitted.

Academic context

This offer is part of the following study plans:
Postgraduate Certificate Economic Diplomacy: Standaard traject
Postgraduate Certificate International Trade and Investment: Standaard traject
Postgraduate Certificate Flagship Programme in Economic Diplomacy and International Business: Standaard traject