10 ECTS credits
300 h study time

Offer 2 with catalog number 4023547ENR for all students in the 2nd semester at a (E) Master - advanced level.

2nd semester
Enrollment based on exam contract
Grading method
Grading (scale from 0 to 20)
Can retake in second session
Taught in
Partnership Agreement
Under interuniversity agreement for degree program
Faculteit Ingenieurswetenschappen
Applied Physics and Photonics
Educational team
Heidi Ottevaere (course titular)
Decaan IR
Activities and contact hours
300 contact hours Independent or External Form of Study
Course Content

The traineeship focuses on the industrial and/or research engineering activities of the student. The student is mastering the knowledge and possesses or acquires the technical skills needed to successfully accomplish a variety of tasks. The training entity supervisor assigns a wide range of tasks to the trainee to broaden the student’s experience and horizon. In a hands-on way, the student thus familiarizes with the company’s task chain. The student is a versatile trainee able to analyse problems and implement solutions. The student’s communicative ability is well-developed and he/she can work in an international team. The student is a responsible person showing the necessary reliability, autonomy and initiative. The student can use all the above mentioned skills to perform an internship and act as is expected from a young engineer.

The student spends a period of at least 10 weeks (preferably during the summer holidays) in a company or research institute in/outside of Belgium as a trainee. The subject of the training needs to be related to photonics and will be determined together with the promotor and the training entity supervisor.

Additional info

Registration info:

- registration for the Long Internship in Photonics is allowed if one has already successfully accomplished 50 ECTS of the Master of Science in Photonics Engineering programme;

- the research performed within the scope of the Long Internship in Photonics must be different from the Master Thesis Project research topic and the Short Internship in Photonics topic.

Additional information can be found on https://canvas.vub.be/courses/20961, https://www.vub.be/en/studying-vub/all-study-programmes-vub/personal-development-during-your-studies/do-internship#paragraph-70156

Learning Outcomes

Final competences

1 Master and apply advanced knowledge in the own field of engineering in case of complex problems.

2 Ability to work in a team in a multi-disciplinary working-environment and start to take the lead.

3 Project planning: ability to formulate objectives, report efficiently, keep track of end-goals and progress of the project.

4 Report on technical or scientific subjects orally, in writing and in graphics.

5 Flexibility to adapt to changing professional circumstances.

6 Have an insight in the photonics industry and in the role of photonics in the scientific and technological evolution of society



The final grade is composed based on the following categories:
Other Exam determines 100% of the final mark.

Within the Other Exam category, the following assignments need to be completed:

  • Evaluation with a relative weight of 1 which comprises 100% of the final mark.

    Note: The final mark is based upon the evaluation of the intermediate reports, the final report, the final oral presentation and on the evaluation form and the feedback provided by the supervisor of the training entity.

Additional info regarding evaluation

The evaluation consists of multiple assessment methods:

- continuous/daily assessment by the training entity supervisor

- consice progress report (1 to 2 pages) is sent to the training entity supervisor and the promotor after 5 weeks of internship.

- final training report + oral defense (20 minutes presentation)

The final evaluation mark is based upon on the evaluation of the intermediate report, the final report, the final presentation and on the evaluation form and the feedback provided by the supervisor of the training entity.

Absence should be authorized following the rules of VUB and the training entity. The student immediately informs the training entity supervisor and the academic supervisor by e-mail and sends within 24 hours a proof of his/her absence (e.g. a medical certificate) to the training entity supervisor and the academic supervisor by e-mail. The original medical certificate is sent to the Department of Applied Physics and Photonics of the faculty of Engineering at VUB. In case of absence for a longer period, the academic coordinator/promoter together with the academic supervisor in charge and the supervisor of the training entity can consider an extension of the training period.

Unauthorized absence will be reported to the Photonics Programme Board where a decision will be made based upon the information at hand.


Allowed unsatisfactory mark
The supplementary Teaching and Examination Regulations of your faculty stipulate whether an allowed unsatisfactory mark for this programme unit is permitted.

Academic context

This offer is part of the following study plans:
Master of Photonics Engineering: On campus traject
Master of Photonics Engineering: Online/Digital traject