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Admission Requirements

Enrolling for this study plan is possible after having obtained one of the following degrees:

Academic Bachelor's programme ingenieurswetenschappen

You may also be asked to provide additional documents so we may evaluate your application.


Enrolling for this plan is also possible having completed the Preparatory Programme Master of Science in Management.

Overview of the study plan

The Master of Science in Management consists of one module of 60 ECTS of compulsory courses.

Module 1

This module consists of 60 ECTS.

From the courses listed below, students must obtain 60 ECTS credits.

6ECTS credits - Financial and Managerial Accounting
6ECTS credits - Informatics for Management
6ECTS credits - Business and Corporate Strategy
6ECTS credits - Human Resource Management
6ECTS credits - Strategic Marketing
6ECTS credits - Supply Chain Management
6ECTS credits - Corporate Finance and Investment Analysis
18ECTS credits - Master Thesis Management
18ECTS credits - Master Thesis Management: Pre-doctoral Track

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