Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences

Admission Requirements

Enrolling for this study plan is possible after having obtained one of the following degrees:

Academic Bachelor's programme Social Sciences
Academic Bachelor's programme agogische wetenschappen
Academic Bachelor's programme onderwijskunde
Academic Bachelor's programme pedagogische wetenschappen
Academic Bachelor's programme psychologie

You may also be asked to provide additional documents so we may evaluate your application.

Aanbevelingsbrief 1 / Letter of recommendation 1
Aanbevelingsbrief 2 / Letter of recommendation 2
Motivatiebrief / Letter of motivation
Puntenlijst / Transcript of records

Overview of the study plan

Admission requirements:
direct access: Bachelor in de Pedagogische Wetenschappen, Bachelor in de Psychologie, Bachelor in de Agogische Wetenschappen, Bachelor in Social Sciences (Belgian degrees). They have exemption for the statistics course.

After application and admission procedure: bachelor in education and other related social sciences (Degrees achieved in officially recognized institutions). Students coming from outside the European Economic Area: proof of English proficiency is compulsory.

The Master of Science in de Educational Sciences (120 credits) is a 2-year study:
- The 1st masteryear (1MA): compulsory courses + optional course (18 credits). Total 60 credits.
- The 2nd masteryear (2MA): compulsory courses. Total 60 credits.

After completing the 2 years successfully the student obtains the Degree of Master of Science in Educational Sciences.

1st masteryear (1MA)

It is recommended to follow the 1st year or the first 60 credits.

Compulsory courses

Belongs to the 1st masteryear.

From the courses listed below, students must obtain 48 ECTS credits.

6ECTS credits - Educational Change and Innovation
6ECTS credits - Electronic Learning Environments
6ECTS credits - Curriculum Development
6ECTS credits - Educational Design
6ECTS credits - Professional Development and Leadership
6ECTS credits - Research Seminar and Research Ethics
6ECTS credits - Educational Effectiveness
6ECTS credits - Data Analysis in Educational Sciences

1-2 MA optional courses

6 credits optional course in the 1st master year.

From the courses listed below, students must obtain 12 ECTS credits.

6ECTS credits - Media, Technology and Society
6ECTS credits - Gender, Diversity and Politics
6ECTS credits - Global city region Brussels
6ECTS credits - Human Resource Management
6ECTS credits - European Social and Population Issues
3ECTS credits - Academic English 3
6ECTS credits - Media Literacy and Digital Inclusion
6ECTS credits - International Communication
6ECTS credits - Media Discourses and Politics
6ECTS credits - Populist and Radical Political Discourses in Europe
6ECTS credits - Online and Social Media Strategies
3ECTS credits - Academic English 2
6ECTS credits - Users and Innovation in Digital Media
3ECTS credits - Academic English I
3ECTS credits - Reason and Engage
6ECTS credits - Reason and Engage
6ECTS credits - English Linguistics: the Acquisition of English
6ECTS credits - Multilingual Education
6ECTS credits - Media, Culture and Globalisation Theories

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2nd masteryear (2MA)

The 2nd masteryear can be started according to the prerequisites (enrollment requirements).

From the courses listed below, students must obtain 60 ECTS credits.

18ECTS credits - Master Thesis Educational Sciences
6ECTS credits - Case Studies Change and Innovation
24ECTS credits - Internship Educational Sciences
6ECTS credits - Thesis Seminar Educational Sciences
6ECTS credits - School Improvement and School Policy

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