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Learning Outcomes

The students will acquire knowledge and understanding of:
1. substantive international and European law in legal fields that address the main contemporary challenges of a globalised world;
2. cutting edge legal scholarship in areas of international and European law that are not addressed at a undergraduate level;
3. actors, institutions, procedures, and policies relevant to international and EU law; and
4. interconnections among the diverse legal areas that interact in global and European contexts.
In terms of skills, the students will:
5. summarise a complex factual and/or legal, international and/or European problem into a legal question and on this basis to work out a well-considered solution.
6. be able to apply their theoretical legal knowledge, both independently and in an international team;
7. be able to formulate convincing legal arguments, communicate them orally and in a written form to a wide range of stakeholders in an international and multi-cultural environment;
8. report and present a critical analysis and synthesis of own research results clearly and concisely.
9. independently formulate a relevant research question within the field of international and/or European law, frame it within the existing regulations and working out the research results and critically evaluating them with a view to contributing to the field of study.
In terms of attitudes, the students will:
10. be able to develop their own autonomous and critical legal reasoning regarding complex global and European challenges
11. be able to work with and express themselves in the English language on complex legal matters; and
12. develop a positive attitude and confidence towards demanding issues of international and European law in a multi-cultural setting for the further development of a harmonious international society.

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Academic plans

In the context of this programme, the following academic plans are offered:

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