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Learning Outcomes

(1)     Graduates have profound (state-of-the-art) knowledge and understanding of at least one systematic or historic philosophical domain.

(2)     Graduates have insight into the relationship between this domain and other domains of philosophy and can relate the acquired insights to the social, cultural and international academic context.

(3)     Graduates understand the specificity, the strengths and weaknesses of different philosophical approaches and traditions.

(4)     Graduates have knowledge of the specialized philosophical terminologies and concepts and are able to use them accurately.

(5)     Graduates have knowledge and an understanding of current philosophical debates, and can actively follow them up and integrate them in their own reflection and internationally-oriented research.

(6)     Graduates are capable of developing a philosophical research project independently and draw up a funding application that can be filed with institutions like the FWO and the Special Research Funds of universities (and similar foreign institutions).

(7)     Graduates are able, within their areas of specialisation, to formulate original and innovative research problems based on the duly founded insight into the internationally recognised state-of-the-art in that domain.

(8)     Graduates are able to work out original solutions to the selected research problems, and argue their cases clearly and convincingly.

(9)     Graduates are able to deepen their knowledge of their areas of specialisation independently.

(10)     Graduates are trained in academic writing, which enables them to act as lead authors of academic articles.

(11)     Graduates are capable of framing the results of their research in a larger context.

(12)     Graduates can report on their research orally in a clearly-understood manner.

(13)     Graduates have a work attitude that makes them suitable to function in research teams and that guarantees integrity of the research.

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Academic plans

In the context of this programme, the following academic plans are offered:

Standaard traject
Verkort traject

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